High Tech Dental Implant Solution

Renew is an Implant Dental Center

Our teams offer patients leading-edge dental implant care using high-tech digital dentistry making us Leaders in Anchored Dentures.

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The Renew Process

+  4 Dental Implants top and bottom arches*

+   Renew’s SureSNAP stability system connects to implants

+   Digitally produced customized teeth secure in place day of procedure

+  Lifetime guarantee on your smile

*Top and bottom implant placement is dependent on bone density

What is a Dental Implant?

+   A dental implant is a titanium screw that is anchored into the jaw bone.

+   The human body integrates well with titanium.

+   The bone surrounding the implant grows tightly around that implant creating a secure post for an anchored denture.

Like a fence post in concrete, the implant integrates into the bone acting like your tooth root providing life-long security.

Digital Dentistry

Renew is one of the first to adopt a 100% digital dentistry center. Digital dentistry is the wave of the future using computer driven methods to improve patient care instead of older mechanical methods that may not be as precise.

+  CAT Scans provide x-ray vision including disease screening
+  Intraoral cameras for added digital diagnosis
+  Computer generated surgical guides for proper placement
+  3-D printing improving accuracy and custom fit

Patients can receive care faster, and often with fewer dental ap- pointments, using these digital dentistry advancements.*


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