Renew Lifetime Guarantee

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The cost of denture replacements over a lifetime compared to Renew’s Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee cost comparison

*Based on a full set of traditional dentures every 4 years for a lifetime (table is based on max age of 85 years)
+Lender discretion: Immediate cancellation of Renew’s Lifetime Guarantee if patient misses payment or appears to be defaulting the loan.

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*Renew’s Lifetime Guarantee covers the implants, bar system and prosthetic and includes any necessary future CT scan(s). Patients must follow all before and after surgery care instructions provided by Renew team members, including, but not limited to, the Renew post-operative protocol, as set forth in consents and other documents reviewed and signed by the patient prior to surgery. Failure to abide by these requirements and obligations, among others, will void the Renew Lifetime Guarantee. More specifically, normal wear and tear will not void the Renew Lifetime Guarantee provided, among other things that the Patient performs regular and appropriate maintenance of his or her dentures, including, but not necessarily limited to, dental cleanings every six (6) months. Patients enrolled in the Renew Lifetime Guarantee program must submit certification of each such visit/cleaning to the Renew center(s) at which care and treatment were provided within thirty (30) of days of service. The Renew Lifetime Guarantee will immediately be null and void if any dentist or other healthcare professional not employed by or affiliated with Renew performs any procedure of any kind, other than bi-yearly cleaning, on or involving (directly or indirectly) the dental implant, bar system, and/or prosthetic denture. Neither Renew nor any of its clinical staff are liable for dentistry or services provided by or for any contracted or non-contracted third-party provider of any kind. Renew’s Lifetime Guarantee does not cover or apply to instances in which replacement or care is necessary based on injury to, or neglect on the part of, the patient or in instances in which there is damage resulting from trauma. The Renew Lifetime Guarantee is not available to a patient who presents for new teeth more than once during any given four (4) year period (the Renew Lifetime Guarantee may apply to the initial visit but would not be available to any subsequent instance that occurs within four (4) years of that initial incident). If Patient’s treatment is financed by and through one of Renew’s third-party lending partners (Renew is not a lender/lending institution), the Renew Lifetime Guarantee may, at Renew’s sole discretion, be voided if Patient/Borrower (if not the Patient), is in default under the terms of the agreement or contract with the lender, fails to remain current on his loan payment obligation, and/or is sixty (60) days or more behind in payment. Should Patient/Borrower cure his or her default under the terms of the contract or agreement with the lender, Renew may, at its sole discretion, reinstate the Renew Lifetime Guarantee, subject to all the applicable terms and conditions. Renew may, in its sole discretion, change or alter the terms and conditions of the Renew Lifetime Guarantee.





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