Implant dentures - reason 3Considering an implant-anchored denture procedure? Cost is one of four primary reasons to act sooner rather than later. This article is the third in a series of four that illustrates the perils of procrastinating. In Part 1 of this series, we talked about bone loss and in Part 2, we highlighted reduced complications.

  1. Procrastination is Expensive

Simply put, dental procrastination is expensive. When discovered early, dentists can often fix cavities with small fillings. When problems are not detected in the early stages, patients undergo more expensive and extensive dental treatment.

As tooth problems become more complicated and severe, they often require a greater degree of medical intervention. Basic gum pain, for example, might be an early sign of gum disease, which is often simple to treat with cleaning and hygiene improvement. However, once gum pain gets worse and the gums begin to pull away from the teeth, you might need procedures like gum grafts. You might even need to have infected teeth pulled out and replaced with bridges, partial dentures, or implants. These are much more costly than simple fillings or root canal treatments.

When patients require emergency dental treatments or need to be squeezed in to see the dentist for a procedure after-hours, they usually have to pay extra.  These types of emergency moments often lead patients down the expensive road of patchwork dentistry. They spend thousands of dollars on small fixes that over time end up costing a fortune.   

Similarly, candidates for full-mouth restoration, may see expenses rise due to bone deterioration or advanced gum recession as time marches on. Procrastination is expensive and prolongs misery. Once a patient decides to fix the entire problem with a long-term solution like anchored dentures, future dental issues can be mitigated.

Why Implant Anchored Dentures?

In sum, a missing tooth, several missing teeth or traditional dentures may cause unnecessary complications, pain and discomfort. Not addressing the situation quickly often results in a lifestyle that is less than fulfilling and far less enjoyable than the good old days of your healthy natural teeth. You owe it to yourself to enjoy life, relationships and healthy eating again!  


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