Colorado Springs Dental Patient Living Life to the Fullest Since Retiring! 

After years of devoting his time and talents to thousands of Colorado Springs kids as a high school English teacher, Ralph Chapman decided it was time to do something for himself. 

With a lifelong interest in cars, Ralph treated himself to a new Ford Mustang in 2017.  “I’d done some racing back in the day and I was on the pit crew of a friend who was a stock car racer. Through the years, I always wanted to own a Mustang. Twenty-seventeen was the year.”

It was also a year in which his cardiologist suggested he jump start his dental renewal.

“My cardiologist finally said, ‘Ralph, let’s get you to a dentist.’ I had lost many teeth in the back but still had front top and bottom teeth.  My regular dentist told me they all must go.”

Colorado Springs dental implant testimonialAs luck would have it, Ralph caught a Renew TV commercial from his home in the north Colorado Springs area. Also, “the nurse at my primary care physician had been to Renew and said some good things about them.”

So, Ralph jumped online and made an appointment at Renew’s Center on the north side of Colorado Springs. I went in and met the staff, met Jen Keller (a Renew Education Consultant). Everyone at Renew is very friendly and nice.”

Mostly, he was impressed with Dr. Phillips. “He’s an unbelievably fine surgeon.”

Although happy with the outcome, Ralph explains there were some minor road detours along the way. “To be honest I wasn’t happy with the temporary (denture). When Dr. Phillips heard that from the other room, he came in and said, “He can have it the way he wants it, and we will take care of it. Even when things didn’t fit right, Dr. phillips took control and made the adjustments. He took it out, said it doesn’t fit right, we will fix that, RIGHT NOW.” 

Renew provides patients with temporary dentures immediately after surgeries. The “temps,” as they’re known, allow patients’ to eat and smile after surgery.   After a few months of the implants fusing with the bone, patients receive their final set of Renew teeth.

“Leave it to say that I am much happier with these (finals) than the temporary.” 

Ralph has an appreciation for the discipline and rigors of doing the right thing. Born in Leadville, Colo., Ralph’s family moved to Colorado Springs when he was three years old. Upon graduating high school, Ralph tried enlisting in the armed services but a heart condition prevented it and kept him out of Vietnam. After completing college at the University of Colorado extension in Colorado Springs, Ralph taught high school English for 32 years at Mitchell High School.  In the meantime, he also earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Colorado College.

Colorado Springs implant dentures retireRegarding Renew, Ralph says he shopped around for an anchored dental solution but found Renew to be more affordable and a more convenient location than having to drive to the Denver area. “Some of the competitor prices I saw were outrageous.”

Since getting his new teeth at Renew, Ralph now enjoys driving his Mustang with the top down, getting out to eat with friends.

“My life has definitely changed for the better. “For starters, I am much healthier. I was pretty much down to just eating cereal. It came on so slowly, and then you have to make adjustments, and then all of a sudden you realize I’m not able to eat any vegetables — How healthy is that?!”

“Now, I wake up and put them in and it feels just like a suction cup grabbing them and securing them in.”

“A couple of friends and I went to the Golden Corral and one of them — a friend of 25 years — told me: ‘It’s so good to see you enjoying eating again. It got to the point that I felt sorry for you watching you struggle.’”

Asked what he likes to eat at Golden Corral and he answers: “Everything!”

If you happen to be driving around the north side of Colorado Springs on a bright, sunny day and you see a convertible Mustang with the top down and a smiling driver behind the wheel, say “hello” to Ralph. 

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