2020 Providing More Advanced Options for People With Missing and Failing Teeth! 

prosthetic teeth blog graphicEntering a new decade is exciting given the tremendous advancements in technology which includes better bionic limbs, eyes, and even teeth options!

Yes, that’s right.  Did you know that when you come into Renew for a full-mouth restoration, you are in essence getting a new beautiful set of bionic teeth, called a dental prosthesis.  

First, let’s explain the term prosthetic. 

Prosthetic or prosthesis are terms used to describe artificial body parts traditionally associated more often with medical procedures.  You’ve heard of soldiers getting artificial limbs to replace arms or legs, or people getting prosthetic hips after a fall. Teeth are really no different. In this case, your teeth are terminal and either have already been removed or need to be removed so that you can get a technologically advanced replacement.   

Prostheses are intended to restore the normal functions of the missing body part. Often, these artificial replacements are removable. 

With regard to teeth, a removable prosthesis can often be chosen over a fixed prosthesis because you can remove your teeth to clean them easily instead of having to have a doctor remove them for cleanings. Renew’s prosthetic solution is fixed when you want it, and removable when you don’t.  

At Renew, our leading-edge, digital, prosthesis is attached to dental implants to give patients the security that they want.  Patients can enjoy their new bionic teeth without worrying about the negative side-effects of non-secure traditional dentures that are kept in place with glues and pastes.

Advancements in digital dentistry continue to enhance dental options and we intend to see massive progress in dental prosthetic restorations. 

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