About Renew

Headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, Renew Anchored Dentures was founded by Dr. Don Miloni, a dental industry veteran with more than three decades of experience, and the founder of a national dental chain.  Renew Anchored Dentures brings together a group of doctors solely focused on providing people who have unstable dentures, or those suffering with missing and failing teeth, with advanced anchored denture treatments at an affordable price. The Renew anchored denture solution, offered through Centers located in Northwest Denver, Southeast DenverColorado SpringsMinneapolis /  St. Paul and Kansas City / Independence, MO, provides patients with a renewed sense of wellbeing, a renewed outlook on life, and a renewed sense of confidence.

The Renew Advantage

You might ask, how can I get a full set of quality anchored dentures in just one day?

The answer is simple! Three key ingredients.

  1. Renew’s all-under-one roof facilities in Denver, Colorado Springs and Minneapolis
  2. A proven procedure
  3. The expertise of the Renew doctors and their teams can give you the anchored denture system in just one day.*

Anchored Denture Technology

The days of old, uncomfortable dentures are over. You no longer have to worry about looking and feeling old or losing your teeth.

Renew is proud to exclusively offer our patients anchored dentures technology, which means that you will not find this dental technology with any other doctor.

When you visit our Centers, you will receive a personalized, no-obligation consultation. At this very important appointment, our doctors will explain how our dentures will change your life. You will also learn how these revolutionary dentures can be custom created for you and how you can walk out of our office the very day of your procedure with teeth you can use right away.

This one-day procedure includes industry leading dental implants to “anchor” your dentures and provide you the comfort and quality you deserve.

ReNew dental implant dentures

A Proven Procedure

At Renew, we’ve developed a system that has proven results. Everything needed for your procedure is under one roof, which allows our specialty team to give you new teeth in just one day.*

Lab Technician

Each Renew Center has a lab technician on-site. This highly trained denture professional is custom fabricating your new smile right in our Center, on the day of your implant-anchored denture procedure. Your teeth aren’t sent off to some lab in some other city leaving you waiting without teeth. You get your Renew smile that very day! You also get the added benefit of having the lab technician available at a moment’s notice to make any adjustments needed. Just as simple as snap-in and snap-out!

Clinical Excellence

Collectively the clinicians at Renew have experience providing and delivering one-day* dentures and dental implants. This one-day* procedure is all we do at our Centers. Backed by a team of doctors, you can proceed with confidence knowing that you’re receiving a Renew anchored denture system.

Our patients tell the story best! Take the time to listen to Renew patients talk about their experience.

ReNew dentures proven procedure

Renew Doctors

Renew doctors are trained to perform the Renew protocol and have helped people eat, smile, socialize, and live with freedom again.

Why is it important to see a Renew doctor?

Renew is the only anchored denture center with a complete digital dentistry process. Our system offers greater precision with a computer AI methodology. The Doctors are all trained to perform this exclusive, high-tech procedure in our state-of-the-art Renew Dental University.

For a precise, quality outcome, you should make sure that your denture doctor is highly trained.

We are confident that your only regret will be that you didn’t seek treatment sooner.

ReNew dentures proven procedure

*While the Renew procedure can all be performed in one-day, some patients may choose to have their consult and exam on a different day than the actual procedure. Center scheduling may also dictate that the consult and exam be performed on a separate day.

Meet our Clinical Excellence Team

Camillo DiLizia, DMD

Camillo DiLizia, DMD

Prosthodontist, Chief Medical/Dental Officer

Dr. Camillo DiLizia graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. He then completed a two-year post-doctoral program in the specialty of Prosthodontics. Dr. DiLizia has over 30 years of experience in restoring dental implants.

Dr. DiLizia continues his pursuit of excellence in dentistry through premier continuing education seminars by the Dawson Academy, USC School of Dentistry, the South Dakota Implant Institute and gIDE – Global Institute for Dental Education.

As Renew’s Chief Medical Dental Officer, Dr. DiLizia, heads the clinical training for all Renew dentists at Renew’s own Dental University. The University is a hightech learning center where doctors receive hands-on training. “Renew Dental University underscores Renew’s commitment to consistent, quality care in every center nationwide,” Dr. DiLizia said. “This is a critical element to our success.”

John H. Gittins, DDS, FACP

John H. Gittins, DDS, FACP

Prosthodontist, Director of Dental Education


Dr. John Gittins received his doctor of dental surgery degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Wisconsin. He then received his specialty degree in Prosthodontics from the U.S Army. Dr. Gittins is a board certified prosthodontist which is the highest restorative dentistry designation. He has been a dental implant instructor at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Utah. Dr. Gittins has been awarded several Army commendation medals for heroism, meritorious achievement and service.

Dr. Gittins trains Renew Doctors at the Renew Dental University.

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