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Benefits of Renew Anchored Dentures:


What is the SureSNAP Stabilization System?

SureSNAP brings security to the minds of our patients, knowing that once they feel their denture snap into place, it isn’t going anywhere! We use our SureSNAP Stabilization technology in conjunction with dental implants to give prosthetics the ultimate hold, enabling patients to snap them in place and remove them easily as needed.

SureSNAP is a system that is only provided at Renew Anchored Dentures surgical centers! This innovative technology allows us to create a more secure hold for dentures by connecting the new teeth to the patient’s implants. This way they are fixed when you want them and removable when you don’t. It makes taking care of your new teeth easier than ever. You can brush with ease and go about your day just like you would with natural teeth.

Benefits of SureSNAP

Traditional Dentures vs SureSNAP

While traditional dentures rely on dental adhesive and suction to stay in place, many patients don’t find that to be strong enough. In fact, traditional dentures only exert 10% of the bite force of natural teeth. This means patients have to work much harder to eat and some foods are not able to be chewed properly. In addition to the fact that these traditional dentures are less secure and limit food choices, they also do nothing to prevent the deterioration of the jawbone.

Jawbone deterioration, over time, can lead to sagging facial muscles and loose skin along the cheeks and chin, as there is no longer sufficient bone to support the skin.

Implant-supported dentures through SureSNAP restore greater bite force, allowing you to have better chewing power. This lets you once again enjoy the foods you love. Additionally, dental adhesives are no longer necessary as the dentures snap into place, creating a much more stable hold. Dental implants also help to maintain the jawbone and stimulate healthy growth.

Building Your Smile In Less Time

Our surgical center prides itself on our ability to not only produce incredible results for our patients but to do it so quickly! We know when patients are looking forward to a restorative procedure, the waiting process can be one of the hardest parts.

At Renew Anchored Dentures, we make sure that the process is discussed with patients thoroughly before we plan the procedure. Because everything moves so fast, we want you to truly feel ready! When the day comes for the surgery, patients leave our office with a bright, beautiful, secure smile and are ready to start their renewed future.

We want to see you experience your life to the fullest! That means laughing, smiling, socializing, and eating the foods you want. Call our office today to set up your FREE consultation and let’s get you started on the journey to the new you with Renew Anchored Dentures!

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