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At Renew Anchored Dentures, we’re dedicated to helping patients renew their life with more freedom, self-confidence, better health, and a new smile. Your well-being matters to us, so your initial oral health consultation at Renew is completely free of charge. That’s a $600 value! During the Consultation, you will meet with one of our Education Consultants so we can better understand your needs and concerns. We will use a 3-D CAT Scan to evaluate the health of your bone and identify the extent of bone loss if any. Then our Doctor will develop a customized treatment plan just for you based on your imaging and professional diagnosis. We will review the cost of treatment, discuss financing options if needed, and see how Renew can fit into your budget. After you are completely satisfied with the recommended solution, we can schedule you for treatment.

During your FREE, no-obligation consultation, you will receive:

Complimentary 3-D CAT Scan

CAT Scans are always better than an x-ray. Most dental x-rays are 2-D while a CAT Scan is 3-D. It has much greater clarity and precision so our Clinical Team has full visibility into what is happening in our patient’s mouth. Consider this 3-D CAT Scan to “x-ray vision” for our Doctors. It allows them to evaluate and plan for treatment precisely, without the need for any type of exploratory surgery.

With Renew’s Diagnostic 3-D CAT Scan, our doctors can:

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