Patient Reviews

The folks at Renew were great throughout the entire process. I am very happy that I came to Renew for my new teeth.
Tom F.
Overall experience went above my expectations. They talked to me and explained what to expect. I really like my new smile. Thank you!
Greg M.
They took great care of me and still do. I love that they gave me the confidence to smile in pictures again. The office staff is great and helpful. I love the work they did and are there to help whenever you need it.
Clayton P.
After extensive research, I called renew anchored dentures. They were very attentive to my needs, and there was no pressure to make a decision. I am ecstatic with my new clip on dentures. They are above and beyond what I ever imagined. They are very comfortable and look gorgeous.
Linda P.
My new smile feels great and looks awesome! This has been a really good thing that I’ve done for myself and my own confidence.
Willie N.
I am so happy with my anchored dentures from Renew. It has made such an amazing difference in my life. I feel more confident, I can smile again, I can eat whatever I want to eat, and everyone who sees me notices how good they look. I would recommend this process for anyone who is considering it but not sure. It was well worth every penny we spent!!! In addition, the office staff is incredible to work with.
Karyn L.
I cannot begin to tell everyone what an amazing experience I had getting my brand new teeth. The personnel are wonderful. There wasn't anything they could not handle. I had surgery in March, and now have my teeth anchored top and bottom. No more dental work, ie, crowns, root canals, apico's, etc. If you have ever thought about getting full implants, go to Renew. They made my dreams come true, and they will make your dreams come true too! Also, the price is thousands less than "the other guys." I love my teeth!!!
Marlene O.
Very nice and friendly people! Everything explained along the way, help anytime you need it!
Terry B.
I am so happy with my new smile! The doctor and team were very professional and so kind throughout the process. Thank you Renew for my new life.
Jan H.
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