Protect Your Health

Your teeth DO affect your health

At Renew, we do a great deal of educating. It is important that prospective patients understand the health ramifications associated with a poor dental condition.

Did you know that your mouth has bacteria that can damage your entire system including your heart?

The Medical Dental Paradox:

In our society, people rush to their medical doctor for the smallest issue. But when it comes to their dental health, they often put off important appointments. The reality is that your dental health is as important as your medical health.

Medical dental paradox patient

I’m a nurse and having bad teeth just didn’t look good to the patients I help. Renew gave me a healthy looking and healthy feeling smile.

— Roberta, age 54

Dental Consultation

Free no-obligation consultation

+ Valuable appointment to evaluate overall health
+ Assessment for periodontal disease
+ Free oral cancer screening

Diagnostic Tools

+ Free 3-D CT scan showing anatomy
+ Evaluate bone health
+ Determine extent of bone loss if any
+ Look for disease/infection in the mouth

Patients often report that after their procedure, they may feel healthier, may have more energy and may stop taking medications they no longer need.

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