Renew Anchored Dentures

Advanced, Breakthrough System

Anchored Dentures are nothing like conventional dentures. The game changer is dental implants with our SureSNAP™; smile technology.

A Renew anchored denture is an advanced, stabilized prosthetic that uses dental implants to secure your new teeth in place.

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Dental Implants Secure Natural-Looking Teeth

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Gold Standard of Care

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Avoid Conventional Denture Side-Effects

Traditional Dentures vs Renew’s Solution

Denture comparison table
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Dentures in water glassTraditional Denture Side Effects

  • Plastic covering the roof of your mouth so you can’t taste your food
  • Bad breath
  • Embarrassment due to instability
  • Limitations on your business or social life
  • Health concerns like increased instances of digestive issues, cancer, heart ailments

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SureSNAP — Lock Your Smile

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How SureSNAP works:

A renew surgical doctor places the dental implants in the top and botton jawbones*. The SureSNAP stabilization system is attached to the implants for added support and immediate use. The prosthetic bridge of teeth snaps into place.

Once you SNAP your teeth in place, they aren’t moving. The SureSNAP Technology locks your teeth in place and provides the security to be able to eat, talk and laugh without worry.

Added Benefits of SureSNAP:

+  Faster Healing
+  Less Discomfort
+  Fewer Office Visits
+  Renew is the only Anchored Denture Center to provide patients this proprietary system

*Renew treatment plans are customized depending on each patient’s anatomy. Not every patient, has enough bone density for both upper and lower anchored dentures. The Renew team will determine candidacy and treatment plan options at your free consultation.

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