Renew Journey

The first step to changing your life is understanding what your problem might be, what can be done to fix it and what that solution may cost.

We guide every prospective patient through the journey to a new, healthy smile.

At Your Free Consultation

At your free consultation

At the consultation, you’ll meet with an education consultant to determine what your problem is and if Renew can solve your problem.

Free CT Scan, Treatment Plan, Financing icons


All patients receive Free 3-D imaging of the mouth to determine bone health and to look for disease/infection.


If you are a candidate, you will be presented with a comprehensive treatment plan.


The education consultant will explain financing options to you from 3rd party financing companies.

Next Step

 Congratulations! You’re on the way to a new smile.

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A Renew Doctor plans your surgical procedure and starts to design your new smile.


Your BIG DAY, you receive your beautiful new smile!

Renew Smiles


Before | After


Before | After


Before | After

For us, seeing a patient get their new smile is the most rewarding part of the job.

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