Renew Your Smile,
Renew Your Life.

Affordable Dental Implant
Anchored Teeth Made to Last

*Teeth. but tougher

Renew Your Smile,
Renew Your Life.

Affordable Dental Implant
Anchored Teeth

Meet Renew. A full mouth replacement system that’s up to 60% less than other providers.

Hear Dr. Balanoff answer your biggest questions and listen to other Renew patients. Get a free consultation or second opinion with Renew.

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How Renew Works

We pride ourselves on our honest, reassuring, and straightforward process



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Complete a pre-surgical appointment


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Smile bigger and brighter than ever

Real Patients, Real Stories.
“Before I had this done, I never smiled. It has changed everything for me. I couldn’t be happier. They snap in. They’re secure. It’s as close to my original teeth as can be.”


– Jeff, Renew Patient


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The Renew Smiles Promise
One & done

Your new smile can take just a single surgical appointment.

Custom treatment plan

We listen to and evaluate your needs on an individual basis.

Outstanding value

Renew teeth are a third of the cost of many traditional implant options.

Lifetime guarantee

Members get a 100% lifetime guarantee on their well maintained implants.

From our customer service team to our experienced staff of doctors and technicians, you can expect to be taken care of every step of the way. Explore our FAQ page to get all your questions answered.
How Long Till You Can Eat Solid Food After Getting Dentures?

Beautiful, Strong Teeth Accessible for All

With a cost that’s up to 60% less than many other implant options and a Lifetime Guarantee, our teeth are an outstanding value for our members. With our technologically advanced process, we’re able to give the savings back to you.