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Renew is the one day, completely personalized, affordable, smile again solution. With a cost that’s up to 60% less than many other implant options and a Lifetime Guarantee, our teeth are an outstanding value for our members.

Your implants are 100% guaranteed*

Your implants are 100% guaranteed*

With proper maintenance, your Renew dental implants are guaranteed for life. Same with any adjustments needed.

In addition, Renew will cover 80% of the cost of one replacement set of teeth every five years. Should you need any replacements, that would be a low out-of-pocket cost of around $1,000 at current prices.

*Some restrictions apply. See Home/Exceptional Customer Experience for details.

One Affordable Cost

Our doctors will examine the oral health of each patient and develop a unique treatment plan to fit their specific needs. This will allow us to provide accurate, fixed pricing that you’ll see upfront with no hidden costs.

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