When you think of dentures, your brain might naturally think about elderly individuals in cartoons or other television shows. Tooth loss and replacement teeth are more common in older adults – but that doesn’t mean younger people don’t experience the same problems.

Tooth loss can affect anyone, and over 2% of the population over the age of 20 have no remaining teeth. That might not sound like a lot, but that’s millions of people, including younger adults, who need replacement teeth to restore the structure and function of their mouths.

If you’re a young person who might need full or partial dentures, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Here are some of the benefits of wearing dentures, as well as what you can expect during your visit to get them.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Dentures?

Wearing dentures is no big deal, and there are plenty of reasons why they are highly beneficial for people who are missing teeth.

They Let You Eat, Drink, and Talk Normally

Wearing dentures might feel uncomfortable, but it’s probably not as uncomfortable as having missing teeth. Not only can missing teeth affect the way you speak, but it can make it harder to chew, drink, and do other activities.

Dentures replace missing gaps or even full sets of teeth, so you can get back to a more normal life. And if you happen to feel like they’re making it a bit more uncomfortable to eat certain foods, you can just take them out with ease.

No One Will Know You’re Wearing Them

You don’t need to be ashamed if someone finds out you are missing some teeth, but if you’re trying to remain fully confident with your smile, you don’t need to tell anybody that you’re wearing dentures. This is especially useful because dentures look like real teeth, and unless you tell people you’re wearing them, they’ll never actually know you have them in.

The only time that someone would know that you have dentures is if they see you remove them and place them back. And sometimes, conventional dentures can slip and slide around in your mouth. Anchored dentures from Renew can give you the security and peace of mind that your dentures will fit securely, so no one will know you’re even wearing them.

They Can Even Look Even Better Than Real Teeth

Another benefit of dentures is that they can look even better than actual teeth in many scenarios. This is because dentures are made out of materials that are more stain-resistant than your real teeth, so they’ll likely stay nice and white for longer.

Also, the teeth in dentures are straight and aligned perfectly. And since they are artificial, you don’t need to worry about them shifting like real teeth do. This means your smile is here to stay for longer.

What Should You Expect From a Dentures Consultation?

It can be nerve-wracking to go to your first appointment to get dentures. So let’s walk through what you can expect from the moment you walk in the door.


At your free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll receive a 3D CAT Scan so the doctor can make a diagnosis. If you’re a candidate, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan and we’ll review costs and financing options.

Pre-surgical Exam

Next, you’ll have a comprehensive exam prior to surgery where your health history will be reviewed. Then impressions of your teeth will be taken and we will review the procedure in detail so you know what to expect and answer any questions you may have.


Then comes the life changing experience. Your Renew surgery only takes one day to complete. Using digital surgical guides, we’ll precisely place your implants and secure your new teeth. 

With Renw’s SureSNAP System, your dentures are simply clicked into place on the implants, so you don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding.

Post-operative check-ups will be recommended to ensure that your dentures fit well and that any surgeries have healed up properly. We’ll be with you through every step of this journey.

In Conclusion

Although dentures and missing teeth are more common in older adults, there are still plenty of younger people who need to get their teeth replaced to restore their quality of life. And considering that dentures often look better than real teeth, are unnoticeable, and can make it easier to chew and talk, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

With Renew’s SureSNAP System, you can have the confidence that your dentures are fixed when you want them and are easy to remove when you want them out. It’s the flexibility of conventional dentures with the security of implants all combined into one.

Schedule your consultation today to see how this new system can Renew your smile.


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